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Omani National Ice Hockey team came to exist after personal effort of few individuals who gave their personal time to build the first Omani ice hockey team. It’s been  2 years since the Omani ice hockey team started playing.  Our team is supported by the Ahli Sidab sport club association.

Currently Omani ice hockey team consist of 20 players, a coach, a team coordinator and a team manager. Recently the team were invited by the Kuwait Committee of Ice Hockey to compete in the First GCC hockey cup which was held in Kuwait on 25th of May 2010.

Once the Oman Ice hockey Association is sanctioned by the Oman government, it will be a backbone for all Omani hockey activities. Efforts are on the way to register as an Omani Association. The mandate will be to handle the entire operations for the Omani hockey team and provide all the necessary support to develop the current and future teams in Oman. The future Oman Ice hockey Association will be the governing body for the majority of Junior and Senior level ice hockey teams in Oman.

For  our role will be to handle the tournaments held within Sultanate of Oman and deal with all correspondence with other National Ice hockey Associations on issues with the rules and regulation of Ice Hockey.


Sportsmanship - Teamwork - Strength - Character - Discipline - Dedication

We welcome all adults & children, regardless of race, gender,creed or national origin.

Our organization will be registered as a non-profit organization. We appreciate 
the generous support of the community, local merchants, and civic organizations.

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